First year research student requirements

Students in the regular track must complete supplementary coursework, when required by the admission process. They must complete at least one of the required courses.


Submission and examination of the research proposal:

No later than 12 months after initiating his studies, the student must submit his research proposal to the school / departmental doctoral committee and school / department secretariat, written by him, signed by the advisor, and containing the following sections:


Cover page: date of submission, title in Hebrew and English, student name, advisor name, and the advisor's signature.

Summary (150 word limit)

Introduction: includes a brief review of the literature, a presentation of the problem being studied, and the justification for investigating it

Description of the stages of implementation

Materials and methods

Preliminary results

Research location, where relevant


Ethical aspects, where relevant such as animal or human subjects


The proposal will not exceed 10 pages, excluding figures.


The PhD committee will recommend an accompanying student PhD committee of at least two members, together with a member of the school / departmental PhD committee. Inclusion of the advisors in their students' accompanying committee is at the discretion of each school / department. One of the committee members must be from a different school / department from that in which the student is training. All members of the committee will have the academic rank required to supervise a research student. The school / departmental PhD committee will present the makeup of the proposed committee for approval by the faculty PhD committee.  Subsequently, the student will present his proposal before his committee. This meeting will take place at the latest, a month after submission of the research proposal to the school /  departmental committee.  The student PhD committee will prepare an evaluation report, describing its recommendation to be approved by the faculty PhD committee (40.3).



The duties of the Stage 2 research student

The departmental/school PhD committee, after consulting with the advisor, will put together a study plan for student (64, 1 40).


Study plan:

Elective studies - at least 8 semester hours

Mandatory studies - the students will be obligated to take two mandatory classes:


"Scientific writing in English"

And one of the following two classes - biostatistics or statistics principles in experiments.

The student will be able to begin their mandatory studies in their first year already - Stage 1.

The student must complete their mandatory studies by the end of the first year as a Stage 2 "research student".


The student must pass all classes with a grade of at least 80.


A research student must prove, over the course of their studies, knowledge of the Hebrew and English languages as detailed below:


A student who doesn't have an Israeli matriculation certificate will provide an approval that they have "exemption" level knowledge of the Hebrew language from the Hebrew Studies Unit in the university. In exceptional cases (such as: a student who came from abroad for the purpose of the research studies, and intends to return there after they are completed), the committee may exempt the student from Hebrew studies.


The language of the thesis will be Hebrew - a student may, after consulting the advisor(s), submit the dissertation paper in the English language.


A thesis seminar - after submitting the thesis, the student will give lecture on their work's findings before a departmental forum or a wider forum. The chairperson of the departmental PhD committee will confirm in writing that the seminar has been submitted as required.


Progress report:

The student must submit 2 reports over the course of their studies: a progress report and a conclusive report.

The progress report will be submitted during the second year after submitting the research proposal, and the conclusive report will be submitted during the fourth year of studying for the doctorate.


The student will be responsible for submitting the report on time. After the report is approved by the advisor, it will be submitted to the accompanying committee. After the report is submitted as aforesaid, a discussion about the student's achievements and progress in their research work will be held, in the presence of the student and the accompanying committee. The accompanying committee's assessment will be submitted in writing, within 30 days at most, to the departmental PhD committee. Afterwards, the report will be submitted for the approval of the unit committee (68).


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