Admissions process for the regular track

Pre-requisites for admissions

Admission to the regular track for PhD students will be open to applicants with a Msc or doctor of medicine degree with a grade of at least 85 for their thesis and thesis defense, and a cumulative grade of at least 80 for their coursework .


Applicants awarded a graduate degree in a non-thesis track with a grade of at least 85 in the final examination and a cumulative grade of 80 in courses may apply to be research students only after completing the requirements determined by the departmental PhD committee.

These requirements will, in all cases, include a research paper equivalent in scope to MSc degree thesis.

This research paper will be evaluated as for graduate theses, and its grade must be no less than 85.


Admissions process

Applicants must fill out the PhD student application form which can be obtained from the TAU website. Each PhD committee will assemble the applicant's relevant information, application form, transcripts, MSc thesis abstract and letters of recommendation and will interview the applicant and evaluate the applicant for admission as a Stage 1 doctoral student. The school / departmental PhD committee comprises a chairperson and two additional school / departmental faculty members with academic rank qualifying them to supervise doctoral students.


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