Academic requirements

Required courses

1. Scientific writing (Semester A or B)

2. Statistical principles in experiments or Biostatistics (given in Hebrew). Applications for exemption from the course on the basis of previous studies should be submitted in the first year only.

3. Safety procedures (This concentrated course is given before the start of the academic year.)


Elective courses - 8 semester hours

Courses with a grade of pass/fail will not fulfill this requirement.

Non-scientific courses from other faculties - only 2 semester hours are accepted.

Students whose research will include working with laboratory animals must take the course: Principles laboratory animal use in bio-medical research, given by the Faculty of Medicine. [Students who have taken this course in the past are exempt from this requirement.]


Courses from another university


Courses or workshops outside the university may be awarded credit towards the PhD degree in accordance with the following criteria:

In all cases, the course syllabus must describe course assignments or tasks. The course work will be evaluated with a final grade. In the event that there is no final grade, a letter by the student’s supervising PhD committee should accompany the request.

Courses of 3 days may be awarded 1 semester hour  while courses lasting a week (5 days) may be awarded 2 semester hours. Courses of 2 weeks or longer will be evaluated on a case to case basis. A maximum of 4 semester hours (up to 2 such courses) can be awarded during a student's training.

In all cases, no credits will be awarded without approval of the faculty PhD committee, which must evaluate the syllabus and actual participation in the course.    


It is mandatory to pass all courses with a grade of 80 or above.


Full details regarding applications, admissions, and the regulations for studies can be obtained from the Graduate School Secretariat.

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